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Sex Positions: Standing

sex positions - stand
  1. Reverse piggy-back man enters standing; woman lifted, wrapping legs around man; can be done free-standing or up against an upright surface. Also known as the tree position.
  2. Stand and carry man stands, holding woman; woman wraps legs around man's waist and arms around shoulders.
  3. Standing Both stand using a structure for support. Also known as the "knee-trembler".
  4. Wheelbarrow man enters standing; woman on bottom lifted by thighs; also known as 'Hoovering of the floor' or 'Hoover Maneuver'.
  5. High Heels Some women carefully select a pair of high heels that are exactly the right height to allow her partner to comfortably penetrate her from behind, while both are standing. A separate height of shoe is usually needed for optimum comfort during face to face standing sex.
  6. Harvey Wallbanger Variant on the stand and carry, receiving partner's back is pressed against a wall or other large vertical surface as a frictional support.

Sex Positions: Acrobatic Skill / Extreme Flexibility

  1. Advanced black bee position variant on the Black bee; man sits, hands behind on the floor; woman sits on top, hands and legs on shoulders.
  2. Toilet position variant on the reverse cowgirl position; man on back upside down, knees bent; woman sits on man.
  3. Helicopter fuck - like the doggie position, but with the man balancing himself on the woman's behind as if using the inserted penis as an axle. Requires the penis to be bent downwards at an extreme angle, some may find this too difficult. This is also known as the spin fuck position.
  4. Sorority fuck - like the missionary position, but with the man reaching under the woman's behind and gripping both of her hips firmly, while simultaneously extending himself forward such that the penetration angle is nearly 90 degrees. Because the man is holding the woman's hips, the man is able to achieve maximum control over thrusting. This position is supposedly common among young people on college campuses, because it requires a great deal of physical exertion (at least by the man).
  5. Wheelbarrow doggy fuck - Variant of the Upright doggy position, but with the woman's arms pushed up and legs stretched straight and the man behind stands up and grips both of her hips firmly
  6. Fettuccine Alfredo - Woman performs the "bridge" with both hands and feet on the floor while holding her body off the ground. man enters while holding woman's hips.

Sex Positions: Less Common Positions

These positions are more innovative, and perhaps not as widely known or practiced.

sex positions - T-square
  1. Cross woman on bottom; man on top perpendicular.
  2. NASCAR Variant on cross position; woman sits on bed, man lays on side, perpendicular.
  3. Head to toe man on back, legs spread; woman on back on top, legs spread; both facing different directions,
  4. Rocking chair man on bottom; woman on all fours, facing up.
  5. K man and woman lie on backs, heads pointed away from one another; each places one leg on other's shoulder (using it for bracing) and the other leg out somewhat to the side so that they form a capital K.
  6. T-square position woman on back with knees up and legs apart, man lies on side perpendicular to woman, with man's hips under the arch formed by woman's legs. Good during pregnancy.
  7. Drilling for Oil woman lies on shoulders with back up against a bed or couch (sort of a head-stand, except on shoulders) and legs folded toward their head. The man stands astride and inserts from a standing position. This position might also be referred to as the Hydraulic Jackhammer.

Sex Positions: Positions During Pregnancy

The goal is to prevent excessive pressure on the belly and to restrict penetration as required by the particular male partner.

Some of the popular positions for sex during pregnancy:
Missionary (with caution), Spoon, Leapfrog, Cowgirl, Spread-eagle, Camel Ride, T-square

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