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Sex Positions: Missionary

sex positions - missionary
  1. Missionary most common position; man on top with direct penetration; woman on bottom, legs open.
  2. Side entry missionary variant on the missionary position; woman on side; man kneeling penetrates from behind.
  3. Squashing of the deckchair woman on bottom, legs pulled up; man on top, holds partner's legs.
  4. Peace Sign woman on bottom, legs tightly closed.
  5. Butterfly position woman lies on her back, man stands and lifts woman's pelvis for penetration
  6. The stopperage pressing woman's thighs against her chest
  7. The Yawning Position woman's legs straight up, wide apart
  8. Octopus Position variant on the butterfly, woman rests legs on man's shoulders
  9. Feet-on-his-shoulders man kneeling, woman rests their legs on man's shoulders

Sex Positions: From Behind

sex positions - Leapfrog
  1. Doggy man inserts from behind; woman on all fours, facing down.
  2. Leapfrog variant on the Doggy position; the woman's torso is lower; also known as "face down ass up".
  3. Froggy variant on leapfrog position; man raises their own hips above those of the woman for maximum penetration.
  4. Upright doggy variant on the doggy position; woman kneels upright.
  5. Spread-eagle woman lies facing down, legs spread open; man on top. Also known as the spider position.
  6. Spoons position side by side (actually, both partners lying on their same side), both facing in same direction; man inserts from behind.
  7. Reverse peace sign variant of peace sign, woman lies face down, knees held together.
  8. Inverted Missionary woman lies face down on surface with legs spread/closed, and man enters woman while she lies on stomach (provides good stimulation of the man's testicles, man can reach around and stimulate the clitoris of the woman)
  9. Camel Ride/Camel-Style woman lies on her side with the uppermost leg forward. The man kneels astride the woman's lowermost leg, thus gaining access to either vagina or anus. Good for pregnancy, or for overweight partners. Experiment, as one side usually gives better alignment than the other for any given pairing.

Sex Positions: Woman on Top

sex positions - cowgirl
  1. Cowgirl sex position/Amazon position The man lies on his back; the woman sits on top of the man facing the man's face. The woman may stimulate the man's genitals by reaching behind.
  2. Reverse Cowgirl/Reverse Amazon The man lies on his back; the woman sits on top of the man facing AWAY from him; The woman may stimulate the man's genitals from this position. Another advantage is that the man may view the woman's back, which some find to be an erotic stimulus.
  3. Italian chandelier variant on the above position; woman on top, arching her back; placing her hands on the ground; man on bottom.
  4. Reverse Cowgirl Horizontal The man lies on his back; the woman first sits on top of the man facing AWAY from him then lies down on top of the man.
  5. Asian Cowgirl The man lies on his back; the woman squats (not kneels) on top of the man facing toward him.
  6. Horizontal reverse variant on the above position; woman on top, facing down with torso lower; man on bottom.

Sex Positions: Sitting and Kneeling

  1. Watching the game variant on the cowgirl position; man sits in a chair; woman sits, facing the man; also known as the Lap dance.
  2. Armchair variant on the watching the game; woman sits in a chair; man kneels in front of the woman.
  3. Black bee man sits, hands behind on the floor; woman sits on top, hands on shoulders.
  4. Furniture woman on the edge of furniture, legs spread; man stands. The woman reclines or sits on the edge of the furniture - sofa, counter, bed, etc. and spreads her legs. The man stands or kneels, depending on the height of the furniture, supports the woman's legs with his arms, and penetrates her. In this position, the man can adjust the angle of penetration to enter from above or below to effect more stimulation. This position provides a good view for the man of the penetration occurring.
  5. Persuading of the debtor man is kneeling; woman on back, ankles on each side of man's shoulders.
  6. Playing of the cello woman on back, ankles on one of the man's shoulders; man kneeling enters from back; also known as Playing of the violin.
  7. Proposal woman kneels, legs apart; man kneels, one knee on ground.
  8. Split level woman on bottom, legs around man; man kneels.

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