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Electrically-powered vibrators were invented in the 1880s by doctors with home versions following soon after. Stores sold vibrators openly until around the 1920's when their connection to the porn industry made it improper for polite society.

Rabbit vibrators, of which there are hundreds of variations, are without doubt the most popular ladies sex toy in the world. Rabbit vibrators were popularized by the television series Sex and the City.

Marital aids is often used as a euphemism for sex toys, although marital aids is broader as it can also be applied to drugs and herbs marketed as enhancing or prolonging sex.

Security and Privacy. You can shop our store with confidence knowing that your transactions are secure and all of our products are discreetly shipped in plain boxes.

Materials that have been used to make condoms through history: Linen, tortoiseshell, leather, silk, sheep gut. The first condoms in the U.S. were made from vulcanized rubber in the 1870s.

Try shopping for sex toys with your partner - it can make the experience more fun and erotic. New to adult toys? There is an education section and blog which may help.

In 2004, a sex toy was introduced that does not require batteries: it connects to a USB port. You can now find vibrators that play music, or have a multitude of functions.

Dildos have been around for a long time. In Ancient Greece and Rome, dildos were made out of animal horns, gold, silver, ivory and glass.

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