By Patricia Lee
Sex Toy Review

Why do women love the rabbit vibrator? Perhaps the best way to explain it is to give you an example and as long as I'm giving an example, I will use my favorite rabbit. Just take a look at this thing! This is the 7th Heaven Rabbit Pearl, and yes, it will send you to 7th Heaven. There are two controls (on most rabbits), one for the shaft and one for the rabbit head. The best way to experience the rabbit is as follows:

First, be sure you've inserted the batteries correctly and know what to expect by turning on the two controls and seeing what each does. You can adjust the strength of vibration and movement by turning the control up or down. Depending on your needs, you may wish to apply a small amount of lube to the shaft and/or the rabbit head. (I recommend a water-based.) For many women, this offers a more pleasurable experience.

Now we are ready to begin. Insert the shaft slowly into the vagina until the rabbit's head rests gently against your clitoris. Turn on the vibration for the shaft and adjust it to a comfortable level. If you have a pearl rabbit (such as the one shown), not only will the shaft vibrate and rotate, but the pearls will rotate just inside the opening of the vagina. This offers an incredibly exciting sensation. The 7th Heaven Rabbit Pearl offers 6 shaft rotation speeds so there is bound to be one that will be perfect for you.

When you are ready for more stimulation, turn on the vibration for the rabbit head. For some women, the stimulation can be overwhelming and if this is the case for you, place a sheet or some similar item between you and the rabbit head. Adjust the vibration for the head to a comfortable level. The rabbits ears will tickle and excite the clitoris. Now that you have the full effect, you can adjust the vibration and movement with the controls as the mood suits you. The 7th Heaven offers seven patterns of clitoral stimulation. Chances are, by the time you've gotten to this point, you will be on your way to '7th Heaven' and don't need me to tell you what to do. Be sure to clean your toy when you've finished and remove the batteries to extend their life. Dead batteries suck so you will want to be sure to have an extra set available anyway.

The rabbit is fun solo or with your partner. As you can see, the rabbit offers it all, from G-spot to clitoris. Particularly one of the pearl varieties and my very favorite, the 7th Heaven Rabbit Pearl.

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