by Patricia Lee

Penis Sleeve
There is an array of sex toys for men sure to make ordinary masturbation seem, well, plain ordinary. Probably the most popular is the penis sleeve. With a little bit of lube, the sleeve is meant to simulate the vagina, anus, or possibly, the mouth. They come with ridges or not, vibrating or not, and made with different materials to produce different sensations.

Another popular sex toy for men is the cockring. This is particularly effective for prolonging sex. You can find them vibrating or not, very constricting to mild constriction, in leather or other various materials, and some come with 'extras' that stimulate the clitoris or anus during sex.

Penis Pump
An often overlooked sex toy is the penis pump. Usually labeled as an 'enlarger', a penis pump can actually be very stimulating. Its powerful suction can probably outdo any blow job you've ever had.

Then there are anal toys. When used in conjunction with another toy or during sex, anal toys can evoke an anal orgasm for men. Many men claim that an anal orgasm is much more intense than the typical orgasm, so this may be an area worth exploring.

Pocket Pussy
For masturbation, popular items, often referred to as 'pocket pussies', can be used to simulate the feeling of sex. This is more pleasurable when used in conjunction with lube. Another choice is the doll which may be made to resemble a person, or just body parts.

Let's face it, at some time or other you are going to masturbate, so men, why not use a sex toy that is made for you and do it right?