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Marital Aids
Marital aids is a phrase sometimes used in place of sex toys. While this may be true, marital aids also include products that are used to enhance and prolong sex.

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Keeping your sex toy clean is important, especially if you are sharing between partners. After each use, wash your product with soap and water or use one of our quality Toy Cleaners. Wrap in a clean dry towel and store in a dry place.

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Adult Toys Trivia
Electrically-powered vibrators were invented in the 1880s by doctors with home versions following soon after. Stores sold vibrators openly until around the 1920's when their connection to the porn industry made it improper for polite society. Rabbit vibrators, of which there are hundreds of variations, are without doubt the most popular ladies sex toy in the world. Rabbit vibrators were popularized by the television series Sex and the City.
Adult toys is searched for hundreds of thousands of times each month with common typos including adlut and audlt toys. It is also commonly typed in as one word such as adulttoys or sextoys. The variety of toys for adults is surprising. They vary from purely male or purely female to those that can be used by both sexes. There are some products that can also be classified as sex aids or marital aids.
Marital aids is often used as a euphemism for sex toys, although marital aids is broader as it can also be applied to drugs and herbs marketed as enhancing or prolonging sex. The term vibrators and variations are searched for hundreds of thousands of times each month. Some common misspellings or typos for vibrators are viberators and vibarators.
In 2004, a sex toy was introduced that does not require batteries: it connects to a USB port. You can now find vibrators that play music, or have a multitude of functions.
Dildos have been around for a long time. In Ancient Greece and Rome, dildos were made out of animal horns, gold, silver, ivory and glass. Materials that have been used to make condoms through history: Linen, tortoiseshell, leather, silk, sheep gut.
What's in a name? Sex Toys for Men / Adult Toys for Women - Ever notice that men prefer the term sex toys while women are more comfortable with adult toys? Sure that isn't always the case. There are those who like it all put together: adult sex aids, while still others go with marital aids or marital sex aids. One of the most popular of products for couples - the condom - made originally of linen - was invented in the early 1500s. Now, about 8.5 billion condoms are produced every year worldwide.
The first condoms in the U.S. were made from vulcanized rubber in the 1870s.
Adult Toy Stash offers quality adult toys at affordable prices. Browse our products and compare us to other adult stores on the internet and you'll see why we are one of the best places to shop for marital aids, vibrators, dildos and other popular products that will enhance your sex life and promote intimacy. We recommend shopping with your partner - it can make the experience more fun and, needless to say, erotic. There is also an education section which can help answer some of the questions you may have. Looking to try something new? Check out our list of sex positions and see if you can find one to try tonight!  If you have a question about a product, feel free to contact us.

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